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Wisconsin’s “Limited Scope Representation” in Divorce

Divorce is never easy and the complexities of most legal proceedings only compound the difficulties.  Add to this the stress of enormous legal bills and it’s easy to see why do-it-yourself divorce has become so popular.

But the DIY approach has problems, too.  Who do you turn to when you run into difficulties with paperwork or need sound legal advice?  For many, the answer is an attorney who practices limited scope representation, which gives them access to legal representation without first having to pay a hefty retainer.

Wisconsin has allowed attorneys to offer limited scope representation since 2007 in an effort to make legal services more affordable for people of modest means.  For those who have struggled to navigate through a divorce proceeding on their own, limited scope representation has been a welcome change in Wisconsin law.

Divorce PRO Wisconsin Bridges the Gap Between DIY Divorce and Full Service Legal Representation

Divorce PRO offers the benefits of an experienced divorce attorney without the upfront expense.  There is no retainer fee, no hourly billing, and no long-term commitment.  By using only the legal services you need, you can reduce the cost of your divorce by as much as 75% over a full-service lawyer working for you on retainer.  Most of our services are offered for a flat fee, ranging from $25 to $150.

With limited scope representation (also known as “unbundled legal services”), you choose the services you want, whether it’s assistance with forms and court filings, preparing for hearings, or getting legal advice on issues that may arise.  With over 20 years experience practicing family law in Wisconsin, we’ve dealt with almost every imaginable issue.

There can be a lot at stake in your divorce, so having an attorney available to assist you not only ensures that your divorce will go through without a snag, but also ensures that you won't get railroaded in the process.

Is Limited Scope Representation Right for You?

Limited scope representation isn’t for everyone.  In cases where significant assets are on the line, spousal support is a factor, or child custody and placement are being contested, you may be better off hiring a full-service law firm.

However, if neither party is contesting the divorce and the two of you have already reached an agreement on property and debt division, as well as a placement arrangement with your children, limited scope representation may be right for you.

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Divorce PRO Wisconsin Service Areas

Get a fast and affordable divorce. Traditional divorces cost upwards of $10,000 in legal fees. By using a collaborative divorce method, DivorcePro provides quick, no-fault divorce services at a fraction of the price of a typical law firm.

In an uncontested divorce, a court doesn’t have to get involved. If you’re ending a short-term marriage, an amicable divorce is likely the quickest and lowest-cost solution. We’ll provide mediation services and legal advice to help you reach a fair settlement negotiation. DivorcePro Wisconsin provides limited scope representation in the following service areas:

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