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Getting Advice at a Low Cost from a Wisconsin Divorce Attorney: What "Limited Scope" means and who does it.

If you’re already handling your divorce pro se, you may already know the basics. In case you’re just starting out, though, here’s how the typical divorce proceeds through the court:

  • Petition written and filed with the court
  • Service of summons 
  • Answer period 
  • Exchange of documents 
  • Mediation/settlement negotiation 
  • Settlement hearing 
  • Judicial Decree 
  • Appeal

At any step in this process, problems can come up--incorrectly filled out forms, confusion over the legal implications of what you’re signing, or a spouse changing his/her mind about something at the last minute. What do you do then?

If you have full legal representation, you just ask your attorney to deal with it. But if you’re representing yourself pro se, you’re suddenly plunged into panic mode. You can try searching the Internet or poring through the Wisconsin statutes for an answer, but what you really need is an experienced family law attorney who can get things back on track quickly.

Limited Scope Representation—What Every Pro Se Divorce Litigant Needs to Know

By offering limited scope representation, Divorce PRO fills the affordability gap between going it entirely on your own and having full legal representation by an attorney. You are still a pro se (“one one’s own behalf”) litigant, but you have access to legal advice and assistance from an experienced family law attorney whenever you need it.

Save Money on Your Divorce by Only Paying for an Attorney When You Need One

Limited scope representation, also known as “unbundled legal services,” is basically an a la carte offering of legal services. Unlike a traditional arrangement, there is no retainer fee, no monthly bill, and no long-term commitment to have your attorney represent you.

For anyone who can’t afford the expense of full legal representation, or just doesn’t want to line a lawyer’s pockets with their hard-earned money, limited scope representation is ideal.

Is Divorce PRO Right For You? Find Out!

Limited scope representation isn’t for everyone. If you are dealing with a contested divorce, one which involves significant assets and debts, or a situation where custody of the children is contested, you will be better served by full legal representation.

Divorce PRO offers a free case evaluation to determine if our services will work for you.  Prior to scheduling, we ask that you complete a confidential Intake Questionnaire.

Divorce PRO Wisconsin Service Areas

Get a fast and affordable divorce. Traditional divorces cost upwards of $10,000 in legal fees. By using a collaborative divorce method, DivorcePro provides quick, no-fault divorce services at a fraction of the price of a typical law firm.

In an uncontested divorce, a court doesn’t have to get involved. If you’re ending a short-term marriage, an amicable divorce is likely the quickest and lowest-cost solution. We’ll provide mediation services and legal advice to help you reach a fair settlement negotiation. DivorcePro Wisconsin provides limited scope representation in the following service areas:

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