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Free Lawyer Consultation for Wisconsin Pro Se Divorce Litigants

Free Lawyer Consultation for Wisconsin Pro Se Divorce Litigants

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Divorce PRO offers a free initial consultation.  The only requirement is that you complete our confidential Intake Questionnaire prior to our conversation.  The information you provide will be reviewed by one of our attorneys, who will evaluate your situation and determine if limited scope representation is a good fit for you.

About Divorce PRO

Founded by a Wisconsin attorney with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of divorce and family law, Divorce PRO offers a wide range of legal services, a la carte and individually-tailored, from $25 to $150 per service.  There is no retainer fee, no hourly rate, and no long-term commitment.  Whether you need help navigating the legal system, assistance with legal forms, or straightforward legal advice, Divorce PRO is your best resource.

Divorce PRO Services:

Legal Consultation.  Discuss your case with an experienced family law attorney.  We will provide advice and counsel on any matter of concern to you, insight on the laws pertaining to your issues, and analysis of possible legal strategies.  The information we provide will help guide you step-by-step through the legal process.

Case Analysis.  We will break down the issues pertinent to your case, analyze the facts you provide, and let you know what the courts can and cannot do for you.  Once we define your objectives, we’ll work with you to develop a strategy to make it all happen.

Document Production.  Tell us what you want to do and we will provide the right legal form, complete it on your behalf, and submit it to you for your approval and for filing with the court.  All documents are professionally drafted and formatted to be acceptable in every court in Wisconsin.

Document Review.  Legalese can be complicated, to say the least.  We will review all proposed orders and agreements and make sure you fully understand what you’re getting into before they are finalized by the court.

Hearing Preparation.  We will advise you on everything related to the presentation of your case, such as, how to get organized for a hearing, what to wear, and how to communicate your issues most effectively.  Knowing what to expect and how to present yourself in court will make a difference.

Case Management.  We will help you sort out your issues and advise on what the court is most likely consider and in what order of importance.  We can also help you identify and assemble the documents that will support your case and provide you the tools to get at information not readily available to you.

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