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Affordable Divorce Attorney serving Milwaukee & Wisconsin

Affordable Divorce Attorney serving Milwaukee & Wisconsin

How Much Does Limited Scope Representation Cost?

Divorce PRO Wisconsin offers a wide range of legal services at fixed rate fees ranging from $25 to $150 per service. With the average hourly rate of a Wisconsin attorney at $210 per hour, it’s not hard to see you’re going to save money with limited scope representation. A lot of money.

Limited Scope Representation Isn’t Right for Everyone

As great as limited scope representation is, it’s not for every situation—particularly high stakes divorces, where real estate and significant assets are on the line, as well as the custody of children. There are just too many issues that come up to adequately represent you on a limited scope basis. You will be much better served by retaining a law firm under a traditional client-attorney relationship.

Limited scope representation works well in divorce cases in which both parties have a “kitchen table agreement” on how they see their divorce playing out. Typically, there are not significant assets and debts to argue about, and there is no dispute over custody and placement of the children.

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